Emmanuel grew up in Fremont, California and lived there for 22 years before he made his way southwest to attend Arizona State University.

Emmanuel takes pride in his unconventional path to success. He now owns and operates a full-service cleaning business that he built all while working 40-hour weeks at Carvana.

His experience in business and other ventures helped him discover another passion - business coaching and consulting. He has always been inspired by the combination of business, systems, and technology.

Emmanuel has had many great mentors along his journey. He was very quick to show immense gratitude towards his parents who have taught him the importance of hard work and have always encouraged him to find his "why."

Emmanuel is active and has an affinity for soccer and flag football. He loves meeting people through sports and dubs himself a huge 49ers fan after growing up in the Bay Area.

During his time at ASU in 2016, Emmanuel studied abroad in Spain and Portugal. Aside from the walkability, he fell in love with the pace of every day life. To Emmanuel, "everything felt just a little more significant when I had the time to take it in."

Emmanuel is a go-getter who has created his own small business and is using his journey to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners on their paths to success. He is excited to make his way back to Tempe and looks forward to building his business at Culdesac.