Work for the second residential block begins

We poured concrete slabs and began framing 2 of the 8 buildings in the second residential block. This block includes 29 apartments.

Installing The Gym’s utilities system (MEP)

With the much of the gym’s exterior completed, we’ve begun installing air conditioning and the gym’s electrical system.

Paver installation

We began laying pavers across the retail parking lot. Through out Culdesac Tempe, there will be a combination of vehicular grade pavers and decomposed granite. This will feel like walking through a botanical garden.

The Market’s weather protection

We began installing the waterproofing membrane around the market building. This system will keep the grocery store and 2nd & 3rd floor residential units protected from weather year round.

Installing drywall in the Market

We’ve begun installing insulation and drywall in the residential units of The Market. This insulation  will keep the buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.