2020 Culdesac Mobility Block Party

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By Jihan Reksodiputro, an intern at Culdesac and senior at Arizona State University studying marketing and digital audiences. She has been car-free for six years and has lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and Phoenix, Arizona.
March 23, 2021
2020 Culdesac Mobility Block Party

November 12th marked the first on-site event at Culdesac Tempe - The 2020 Mobility Block Party. Culdesac teammates, partners, and founding residents gathered under the lights and theme of "Equity and Entrepreneurship."

Over the course of the evening, attendees listened to a panel of amazing speakers, gave e-bikes a spin on our test track, enjoyed refreshments from local favorites, and visited the booths of our co-hosts, Lyft, Voyce Threads, and Rad Power Bikes.

To celebrate our passion for car-free transit, we gifted all attendees who arrived via alternate modes of transportation with special Culdesac swag bags and provided on-site bike parking.

Our honored speakers each shared words of wisdom from their particular industries.

First to speak was Kaled Alhanafi, the Southwest Regional Director of Lyft. Alhanafi spoke about the alignment between Lyft and Culdesac's mission, as well as his company's ride equity initiatives to expand access to reliable and affordable transportation..

"The mission has always been to improve people's life with the world's best transportation, and when we heard there was a group of brilliant people working on building this amazing, car-free neighborhood in the United States—the first one here in the United States, here in Tempe, Arizona—we wanted to take part in that."
Kaled Alhanafi, Southwest Regional Director at Lyft

The next speaker was Drew Shaw, Founder and CEO of Voyce Threads. In his talk, Shaw shared his early endeavors as an entrepreneur.

"Every single day, I woke up with a plan and purpose and passion. And I loved it...and I didn't want to let it go, no matter how hard it got"

Shaw ended with a few lessons from his entrepreneurship journey: 1) It's important to create our own authentic spaces, because it allows other people to to join in and feel welcome, 2) It's just as important to find our community, because with the right people, you can make great impact out of the most simple things, 3) And finally, there is true power in servant leadership. If you serve people, others will follow in your example.

Drew Shaw, Founder and CEO of Voyce Threads

The final speaker of the night was our own General Manager, Lavanya Sunder, who spoke about our work in disrupting traditional industries.

According to Sunder, we are not only providing an accessible and affordable walkable neighborhood in Tempe, but we have also created a diverse team with unique perspectives whose influences and experiences have permeated into the creation of the neighborhood. Unlike most traditional industries, Culdesac's team is more than 50 percent women.

"In order to build something as bold as a car-free neighborhood, you need to assemble a really amazing team."

Sunder spoke about how her favorite thing about entrepreneurship was the ability to disrupt the face and the faces of the industry, and how Culdesac represents the future of entrepreneurship. And while, yes, we may not have all the answers, we're at least asking the right questions.

"Are we creating a product that is inviting and inclusive? Does our team mirror this vision? How do we create the good type of disruption?"
Lava Sunder, General Manager of Culdesac Tempe

Attendees then took to the e-bike test track which was suitable for newbies to try out their first e-bikes and for seasoned riders to test a new one. Guests scanned QR codes to the Culd-E-Bike website, which contained information on all the e-bikes that were available for them to test ride.

We provided the e-bikes, track, and helmets and our guests brought the gumption and style as they zoomed up and down the track. Culdesac team members were stationed around the area to help attendees settle into their e-bikes and to answer any questions; but we were mostly there to do one of our favorite things of all time- watch people ride an e-bike for the first time and see their faces light up.

In what has been a trying year for many, it was truly special to conclude 2020 with members of the Culdesac family. It is a testament to the Culdesac and greater Tempe communities that such a terrific time could be had on some dirt, under some twinkle lights, and in great company. We can only imagine what is in store for future Culdesac events.

We look forward to bringing our residents together as we continue to build our community alongside one another while continuing to engage in important conversations.

Culdesac is a post-car real estate developer building car-free neighborhoods from scratch. Our first community is Culdesac Tempe and opens in 2021.
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