Celebrating Car-Free Milestones with Custom Stickers

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By Jihan Reksodiputro, an intern at Culdesac and senior at Arizona State University studying marketing and digital audiences. She has been car-free for six years and has lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and Phoenix, Arizona.
March 23, 2021
Celebrating Car-Free Milestones with Custom Stickers

This summer, Ryan Johnson, Culdesac Co-Founder and CEO, celebrated ten years of living car-free. To commemorate this milestone, he decided to share his joy with the community by launching a sticker campaign, or what some might now call a car-free virtual party.

After a decade of riding e-bikes, waving down Ubers and Lyfts, and running to catch the last light rail out, Ryan took to Twitter, naturally.

Ryan asked his followers to share how long they've been living car-free, whether it was a single day or several decades. To help celebrate the achievements of our car-free community, we sent each person who filled out the form a sticker that reflected the number of years they've been car-free.

We continue to be inspired by those who live car-free lives and are willing to share their personal journeys. We have heard stories from those who have never owned a car, those who have ditched their car to gain a fresh start, or those who grew up fully dependent on their bikes or metro systems to get them to their destinations.

Below are a few of our favorite responses:

Let us know how long you've been car-free by filling out this form, and we'll send you a sticker to celebrate your milestone!

Happy car-free living!