Street Corner operator Vikram Dhillon (or Vik for short) will be opening Arizona's first ever Street Corner at Culdesac Tempe.

Vik likes to describe the Street Corner Urban Market as grocery store meets farmers market meets corner store- locally sourced, delicious, and convenient.

Street Corner at Culdesac will feature an inventory of local produce and pre-prepared items, like naan sandwiches and fresh salads. Residents and neighbors alike can also stop by Street Corner to enjoy convenient plant-based options, along with a wide range of beverage options like wine, craft beer, and kombucha on tap.

Residents will also have access to menus where they can pick from appetizer assortments for special occasions or select wine and cheese pairings for picnics in the park.

For added convenience, Street Corner at Culdesac Tempe will also have everyday necessities, like hair products, oral care and toiletries, paper goods, feminine hygiene products, and laundry care.

Vik is moving to the Valley from California with his wife and two young kids to open up the Street Corner at Culdesac Tempe.

"The corner store of the future is all about local, high-quality goods and personalized service, and I’m moving to Tempe to make it happen."