Murphy Crossing
by Culdesac

1050 Murphy Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Murphy Crossing has a vibrant history. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the property successfully operated as the Georgia State Farmers' Market. As state ownership maintained the site, the buildings served different agencies, including the Georgia Archives and History Warehouse.

In 2018, the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) completed its purchase of Murphy Crossing and began its visioning process for the site. Adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail, Murphy Crossing is currently home to mostly inactive warehouses and buildings - with Trees Atlanta's Operations Center soon relocating into their new headquarters next door.

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Artistic rendering of the Murphy Crossing site plan
Site plans are subject to change

Project & vision

In 2018, ABI initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the sale and redevelopment of Murphy Crossing. Due to COVID, the RFP was put on hold and then re-initiated in 2021. Culdesac was honored to participate and has been officially selected as the finalist in the RFP process for the much-anticipated redevelopment of 1050 Murphy Avenue in southwest Atlanta.

Culdesac’s proposed development at Murphy Crossing is a 20+ acre site that respects the BeltLine’s commitment to tie the people of Atlanta together to create a more livable and geographically integrated city. Murphy Crossing by Culdesac will be a mixed-use development that’s woven into the surrounding neighborhood and community.

Figure: The Farmers' Market will have fresh, local produce available.
Murphy Crossing will include market rate and affordable housing, a variety of retail and commercial uses, and abundant open space, all adjacent to the BeltLine. The development has a unique emphasis on preserving land for pedestrians, bicyclists, and outdoor space, protected from cars. The open layout of the site's new and historic buildings creates a welcoming connectivity with the surrounding neighborhood. The project is in the early stages of design and is being refined based on input from the local community.
Figure: The Arts Theater Plaza will bring art and culture to the center of the community.

Culdesac builds walkable communities.

Culdesac designs welcoming and locally connected neighborhoods that offer a walkable lifestyle. We build mixed-use developments that embrace community, open space, and mobility.

Our neighborhoods prioritize biking, walking, and transit over cars and parking. We partner with leading mobility companies to deliver convenient and affordable transportation services, helping residents meet life’s daily needs and joys without using a private car.

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