Extend Your Home On-Demand: Bookable Spaces at Culdesac

"On-demand" is one of our favorite words at Culdesac.

- We like mobility on-demand: rentable bikes and scooters, rideshare, carshare, and direct light rail access.
- We like delivery on-demand: grocery and food delivery.

We also like home on-demand.

Culdesac's homes are not like other homes- our homes expand and contract as you need them to. We call this "Extend Your Home On-Demand." Culdesac residents have access to over 30 different rooms on-site that can be booked directly from the Culdesac app.

How this Works

Let’s see a few scenarios for how the Extend Your Home On-Demand program works.

Scenario 1: You're planning a BBQ in a Culdesac shared courtyard, but it ends up being one of the 30 days a year that it rains in Tempe.

Just open up the Culdesac app and book the Hosting space across your courtyard. Your BBQ becomes a dinner party, and you don't even need to clean up afterwards.

Scenario 2: Uncle Frank is coming in to town for Spring Training and wants to stay with you...

... but the only problem is that Uncle Frank snores. Like REALLY snores. No problem- you reserve a Guest Suite in the next block and sleep peacefully.

Uncle Frank

Scenario 3: You're on a mission to rise to the top of the podcast charts.

"Everyone has a podcast” has become a reality these days, and you want in on the action. Our bookable podcast and recording studios will give you a private, professional, and convenient space to record.

On-Demand Means Leaving the Hassle to Us

Don't worry, we'll cover things like making sure there's enough toilet paper, cleaning, and changing the sheets. Our highest priority will be sanitizing and cleaning shared spaces between uses.

Bookable Guest suite (illustrative)

Live Large On-Demand

More Home, On-Demand means your apartment can be right-sized to your day-to-day life and not those occasional needs. Why pay for a guest room 365 days a year when you only use it a handful of times?

More Home, On-Demand is a better way to build and a better way to live.

Renderings by Rayvat Architectural Vision Studio

Culdesac is a post-car real estate developer building car-free neighborhoods from scratch. Our first community is Culdesac Tempe and opens in 2022.

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