The Artist-in-Residence Is In


In a car-free world, there’s inspiration around every corner. And we want to amplify that inspiration so that everyone benefits. To that end, one of the things we love most about the community we’ve designed at Culdesac Tempe is the role of Artist-in-Residence.


This will be a rotating position with a free six-month lease, so artists can truly focus on their creative work, whatever that looks (or sounds) like. Those interested should submit applications by March 18, 2022 to be considered for our inaugural residency.


What are the benefits?


Even for the most dedicated artists, the demands of modern city life can mean that creative work ends up on the back burner. We want to give local artists the chance to break free from the grind, focusing their time and energy on building their talents, and their portfolios, so that creativity can thrive.


That’s where that free six-month lease comes in, with all utilities included. The artist will also receive mobility benefits, including both mobility discounts and access to an e-bike to use during their stay. Our first Artist-in-Residence will also have the chance to be part of this development as it’s constructed, helping to define the community that will grow here for years to come.


What’s required of the position?


The artists who join us at Culdesac Tempe will need to embrace the car-free lifestyle of our community, and are encouraged to draw inspiration from it. During community events, the Artist-in-Residence will run a booth where neighbors can learn more about the project they’re undertaking. They will engage with neighbors by speaking about their project and gain a greater understanding of those that have embraced the car-free lifestyle. Again, this can be anything from a digital installation to a live show, a mural to a piece of performance art.


Ultimately, this residency will culminate in an exhibition, the format of which will depend on the artist’s medium.


Who’s eligible to apply?


This is a dynamic role, and one that can always be tailored to fit the artist’s work. We’re not only looking for muralists and sculptors. We want to hear from performance artists, musicians, digital artists, and more—anyone whose work can function as a public exhibition.


The artist will be selected by a panel of judges, each with their own distinguished artistic record. Applicants don’t need to present us with a long list of credentials, or have worked as professional artists in the past. Our judges and our team value potential most of all. We hope that each six-month residency will give the artist an opportunity to dig into their art, using it to reflect and energize our car-free community.


When can I learn more?


We’ll be hosting events over the next week, online and in person. Join us!

  • On Wednesday, March 9th from 9-10 am, stop by Culdesac Tempe headquarters at 110 E. 7th Street
  • Zoom with us from 9-10 am on Thursday, March 10th
  • Come by Little Cholla on Thursday, March 10th, from 6-9 pm


We believe that life in our neighborhood isn’t just about what lies behind your front door; it’s also about being a part of the world beyond it. Public art is what gives that world its texture. It not only expresses the potential of the artist, but also fuels the potential of the neighborhood around. It’s already clear that this community has talent to spare–we can’t wait to see what you’ll do. Download your application here.