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Our cities should be celebrated. They have been the largest driver of innovation in human history. But somewhere along the way, things broke and our quality of life suffered.

We built our lives around our cars as cookie-cutter housing popped up around the country. Sprawl became commonplace, and we normalized hour-long commutes, even as private vehicle ownership became the largest source of carbon emission pollution. We became more isolated and felt less connected to each other. It doesn't have to be this way.

We're building cities for people, not cars.

Our team blends technology, real estate, and culture to reimagine our daily lives. We come from different backgrounds to bring a fresh perspective on what's possible. As a team, we keep a pulse on our community and what they need. We ride our e-bikes to lunch, host pop-ups on construction sites and make 16-acre cornstarch art pieces. We cultivate these relationships and bring our community closer together so they can experience the neighborhood they deserve.

Ryan Johnson Avatar
Ryan Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeff Berens Avatar
Jeff Berens

Co-Founder & COO

Caroline Lerner Perel Avatar
Caroline Lerner Perel

Head of Real Estate

Vanessa Valenzuela Erickson Avatar
Vanessa Valenzuela Erickson

Head of People

Lavanya Sunder Avatar
Lavanya Sunder

General Manager

Shantanu Bala Avatar
Shantanu Bala

Software Engineer

Kunal Harmalkar Avatar
Kunal Harmalkar

Chief of Staff

Cherise Bangerter
Cherise Bangerter

People & Operations

Tom Barta Avatar
Tom Barta

Software Engineer

Sam Benson Avatar
Sam Benson

Ops Coordinator

Erin Boyd Avatar
Erin Boyd

Government Relations & External Affairs Lead

Duke DiEugenio
Duke DiEugenio

Urban Design

Anders Engnell Avatar
Anders Engnell

Urban Planning & Construction

Enrique Favaro
Enrique Favaro

Financial Controller

Hannah Friedland Avatar
Hannah Friedland

Urban Design and Marketing

Jen Ho Avatar
Jen Ho

People & Operations

Jordan Hunter Avatar
Jordan Hunter

Ops Coordinator

Vicky Lai Avatar
Vicky Lai

Software Engineer

Ryan Lane Avatar
Ryan Lane

Software Engineer

Molly Lara Avatar
Molly Lara

Business Operations

Jasmine Little Avatar
Jasmine Little

Experience Design

Sophia Shovkovy Avatar
Sophia Shovkovy

Software Engineer

Raunaq Singh
Raunaq Singh


Alexys Still Avatar
Alexys Still

Business Operations

Paul Stout Avatar
Paul Stout

Marketing & Urban Design

Michelle Tan Avatar
Michelle Tan

Director of Finance

Luis Ventura Avatar
Luis Ventura

Construction Management

Jake Zien Avatar
Jake Zien

Senior Product Designer

Sarah Zhou Avatar
Sarah Zou

New Markets

Max Bregman Avatar
Max Bregman

Tech Biz Ops Intern

Raphael David Avatar
Raphael David

Tech Biz Ops Intern

Haley Harelson Avatar
Haley Harelson

Product Intern

Sierra Ross Avatar
Sierra Ross

Biz Ops Intern

Cole Truitt Avatar
Cole Truitt

Construction Data Analyst Intern

LiMei Vera Avatar
LiMei Vera

Biz Ops Intern

Anson Yu Avatar
Anson Yu

Product Intern

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