Nothing brings people together more than good food and drink. With Culdesac's coffee shop open (Welcome, Aruma!), we’re having our morning coffee and reflecting on the neighborhood's incredible growth over the last year. One year ago, Culdesac Tempe welcomed its first residents. Now, we have about 225 residents and 13 retailers, and we're eagerly preparing to open phase 2 to welcome even more members to our community.

Our night market, Little Cholla, attracts 300-600 hundred people every Thursday evening, bringing residents and the surrounding community together. It's wild to believe Little Cholla began nearly 3 years ago on the construction lot.

A monthly BBQ has become a staple event for our residents. Unlike typical apartment programming, this bbq is led by the residents and is something no one wants to miss. It's a consistent opportunity to gather with friends and make new ones.

Our retailers have developed a supportive ecosystem, helping each other prosper. Many of our retailers are first-time business owners. They share insights on business operations and marketing and have become great friends outside of work. 

Aruma’s opening marks a special milestone in our community, serving as a hub for welcoming the broader area to experience a neighborhood built for people instead of cars. When you come for a cup of coffee, you find yourself staying for the vibrant Culdesac experience. Whether it's a conversation with a neighbor, a visit to Little Cholla, or joining in on a BBQ, the connections you make here turn a simple coffee run into something much more meaningful. 

Come for the coffee, stay for the community.