A few weeks ago, I finally experienced a short-term rental (STR) at Culdesac Tempe.  Culdesac Tempe is designed to be a unique and innovative car-free community that fosters social connections and sustainable living. I checked in with a friend for a personal stay and we were blown away.

Check-in and Our Unit

The check-in process was straightforward and efficient. When we got there, we used the code that was emailed to us for a touchless and efficient checkin. As we entered the building we were staying in, there was so much natural light and greenery, it felt like we were transported to a cool oasis. The outdoor seating area and convenient bike racks at the bottom of the building were perfect for enjoying the fresh air and getting around the community.

Our building was situated right across the street from the micro-retailers. It was so beautiful and there are so many great places on site to take photos. This spot made it easy to explore the local businesses and immerse ourselves in the neighborhood's vibrant atmosphere.

Later we planned to attend the resident barbecue, so we decided to explore the local retailers (first). A quick two-minute walk took us to Busan Mart, where we picked up some drinks and snacks. We then visited Kinkan Gifts for some unique souvenirs, admired the plants at Maricopa Botanicals, and enjoyed thrifting at Sew Used where we found some really cool and unique pieces. Each store had its own charm that highlighted the creativity and diversity of Culdesac's local entrepreneurs.

Resident BBQ

As evening approached, we headed to the resident barbecue, where we were welcomed by the a live DJ, a spread of delicious food and drinks, and an energetic atmosphere filled with the sounds of laughter and conversation.

What struck me most was the warmth and openness of the community. Everyone at the barbecue wanted to spark conversations, exchange contact information, and build meaningful connections. It was a beautiful display of Culdesac's vision in action, where open spaces and shared experiences bring people together.

The Party Didn’t Stop

Even after the official barbecue ended, we invited some new friends back to our short-term rental, where we continued the festivities. We spent some time listening to music, sharing stories, enjoying more food and drinks, and playing games.

What Makes Culdesac Different

What set this stay apart from other places I've visited was the strong sense of community. At Culdesac, people genuinely knew their neighbors and (wanted to) form new friendships. The resident barbecue showed a community where people thrive not just by living next to each other, but by actively engaging and supporting one another.

Culdesac offered a refreshing contrast to the anonymity often found in other neighborhoods where you barely know your neighbors and it’s always awkward to bump into them. Here, residents are not just coexisting but are thriving, creating a supportive and lively environment. This experience reminded me of the importance of community and the positive impact it can have on our lives.

My stay at Culdesac was not just about enjoying a beautiful environment, but also about experiencing the essence of community living. I was immersed in a place where people came together, celebrated together, and truly embodied the spirit of togetherness. You can still book a short-term stay until July. If you're looking for a place that combines comfort, convenience, and a strong sense of community, Culdesac Tempe is the place for you. You might not want to leave, I didn’t.