If your morning doesn't start until there's coffee in your hand, you'll want to check out these 5 coffee shops in Tempe to get your caffeine fix.

Cartel Coffee

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Cartel is the quintessential coffee house - latte foam art, exposed light bulbs, and cozy corner couches. Let the soothing whir of espresso machines fill your ears as you jam to low-fi beats and zip through work.

Did I mention their wall of hanging bicycle wheels - It's a local favorite!

Cafetal Coffee

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Passing by Cafetal without getting coffee is like a New Years Resolution: you say you're going to do it, but don't actually. And with good reason. When fresh coffee fills the air, it's hard to resist picking up a latte (or 3) for the day.

Insider secret: Try their Avocado Arepa: homemade avocado spread, over easy eggs, and fresh cotija cheese - yes, please!

Infusion Coffee and Tea

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Calling all tea and coffee lovers!

Looking for a new hobby? Try out coffee and tea brewing. Infusion offers barista classes, loose tea leafs, coffee beans, and brewing supplies so you can brew the perfect cup from the comfort of your home.

And hey, you can always sit back, enjoy the coffeeshop, and leave the brewing to the professionals (we do, and we love it!).

With fall rolling in, there's nothing cozier than their Autumn Spice tea!

King Coffee

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Friendly faces, fresh baked pastries, and locally sourced coffee makes your King Coffee experience warm and fuzzy (and delicious). This corner coffee shop is right in the heart of downtown Tempe.

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Try their espresso! They are an espresso bar after all.