At Culdesac, we’re all-in on bikes – so it’s only natural that we’d go all-out for World Bike Day. In a car-free environment, every bike is a key to the city and the communities inside it. Thus, bikes are central to our car-free ethos at Culdesac Tempe. That’s why we have over 1000 on-site bike parking spots, with many of the bike parking pods featuring outlets for electric bikes (ebikes). Given our love of bikes, it only makes sense that we secured a community bike shop as our final retail tenant. Tempe, meet your new neighbor: Archer’s Bikes.

If you live in the Phoenix area and ride an ebike, you may already be familiar with Archer’s Mesa and Prescott locations. As more people in the U.S. transition to ebikes, Archer’s has emerged as a leader in the Southwest, boasting the largest selection of ebikes in the Phoenix metro area. We’re thrilled to partner with Archer’s on their next location.

The future home of Archer's Bikes at Culdesac Tempe

Ebikes further enable Culdesac’s mission

Ebikes, in particular, are a big driver of shifting car trips to other modes. We love ebikes as they further enable our mission of building walkable neighborhoods. Given their growing leadership in the ebike realm, adding Archer’s to our neighborhood was an easy choice. 

In addition to its robust ebike offering, Archer’s offers residents exclusive rates on many crucial services. These include free tune-ups, tire fixes, an annual “health check” for bikes and ebikes, and discounts on equipment. Easy access to bike repair at Culdesac Tempe will help residents and neighbors keep their bikes running smoothly. Unsurprisingly, having a bike in top running condition is essential for those who commute or explore by bike. 

Archer’s location at Culdesac also provides the educational support members of our community need as they embrace a car-free lifestyle. Specifically, Archer’s plans to host workshops and other opportunities for residents at Culdesac and the surrounding area. We’re particularly excited to watch Archer’s reach increase as the Smith Innovation Hub begins to take shape just blocks away, bringing new business to the area. 

Bikes power a healthy planet and wallet

At Culdesac, we’re working to create a neighborhood where everyone feels comfortable on a bike. Archer’s will help us to achieve that goal. We also see significant tailwinds from an economic perspective: according to data from AAA, the average car sets its driver back about $800 per month. Meanwhile, financing a brand-new ebike costs around $40 a month, freeing up a significant sum for necessary expenses – or to treat yourself to the offerings of one of our other local, on-site retailers.

If you’re pondering a switch from a car to an ebike, you’re not alone. Ebike sales in the United States have overtaken the sales of electric cars. This is a sign that we’re moving in the right direction: consumers are thinking more about the impact their commutes have on the environment, and they’re strategizing how to curb their carbon emissions. Both leg bikes and ebikes represent an incredible opportunity to lower carbon emissions. A 2021 study showed that cycling cut people’s daily travel CO2 emissions by 84%.

Getting out there

The benefits of the cycling lifestyle don’t end where the rubber meets the road. World Bike Day is an opportunity to celebrate the ways that bikes connect us. For over two centuries, bikes have connected riders with their communities, making the journey from one place to the next its own adventure. Cyclists are the happiest commuters, and it’s easy to understand why. We couldn’t be happier to have a community bike shop as part of our neighborhood and a way to further enable Culdesac’s mission to build for people, not cars. With Archer’s as our partner, every day can feel like World Bike Day.