A guide to Culdesac’s transportation benefits

Why do we offer transportation benefits?

Being a car-free neighborhood allows us to dedicate more space to people, such as our vibrant courtyards and small business units. As both the developer and property manager, we think holistically about transportation – from building bike-friendly infrastructure to forming mobility partnerships for resident discounts. Our goal is to enable car-free living and easy city access, rather than delivering everything a resident could need within our walls.

Here’s a guide to Culdesac’s transportation benefits:

Free Valley Metro Pass ($768 value/year)

Residents enjoy unlimited, complimentary access to Valley Metro transit services, including light rail and buses—ideal for grocery shopping, visits to downtown Tempe, Arizona State University, or exploring along the rail line.

Culdesac Pro Tip: Jump on the light rail from Culdesac to A mountain to enjoy a refreshing 15-minute hike


E-bikes are highly popular among our residents. For a limited time, we're offering a complimentary Lectric e-bike (~$1000 value) to our residents. Additionally, Culdesac Tempe is home to Archer's Bike Shop, which provides comprehensive bike services and offers e-bikes and manual bikes for sale. Biking is a great option for local commutes, leisurely rides, or dining out.

Check our favorite bike routes from Culdesac and let us know which ones you like best!

Rideshare (Waymo & Lyft)

We provide our residents with a 15% discount on all Lyft rides, a limited number of free Waymo rides, and a 20% discount on Waymo rides during off-peak hours for residents’ first 6 months. 

Rideshare is a great option for longer trips in the Valley, going to the airport, or for a night out. 

Carsharing (Envoy & Ten4)

We’re not against cars, but we don’t like car dependency or being stuck in a car-centric environment. For some trips, carsharing services provide an easy way to rent electric cars by the hour or day, directly within the community, providing the flexibility of a car without the commitment of ownership. This is a great option for road trips, running errands, or doing school drop-off and pick-up!

Bird Scooters On-Site

Available for quick and fun trips around the neighborhood, Bird scooters add an extra layer of convenience, making short rides enjoyable and efficient.

Designed for people, not cars

At Culdesac, we’re dedicated to creating a community designed for people, not cars. Living here means enjoying a range of transportation benefits that make car-free living a benefit, not a burden.

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