Building Community Through Design

At Culdesac, a key part of our mission is to build physical spaces that foster community and connection. By doing this, we are breaking away from the design of many American cities that are built around cars instead of people. Our community is designed with various gathering spaces like courtyards that give people ample space to socialize. We have restaurants and shops that attract visitors, gathering spaces that invite them to stick around, and shade features that make them comfortable. Our diverse selection of restaurants and shops offer unique experiences not just for our residents but also for visitors from the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, we've designed shade structures, incorporated greenery, and oriented our buildings to create cool spaces within our neighborhood. All of these features– retail, gathering spaces, and shade– work together to create a unique place meant to bring people together.

Restaurants and Shops

Our restaurants and shops are an important part of building a neighborhood that brings people together. Our retailers are a group of local businesses that provide a more personal experience than big-box stores, contributing to a stronger sense of community. You could spend hours here grabbing a bite to eat, shopping for vintage clothes, or picking out Japanese-style gifts for your friends or family.

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Experience the flavors of Mexico at Cocina Chiwas, where Armando and Nadia, James Beard Semifinalists, craft chihuahuan-inspired cuisine. Their menu showcases a fusion of flavors from Chihuahua and Sinaloa, promising a dining experience you won't forget.

Kinkan Gifts

This boutique shop offers imported clothing, home goods and accessories that celebrate Japanese design and style. Holly began as a pop-up vendor at Culdesac’s weekly night markets, Little Cholla, then decided to grow her first retail space in the neighborhood. 

Sew Used 

At Sew Used, Justin and Jalissa have curated a collection of pre-loved clothing, ranging from true vintage to modern pieces with a twist. Their journey began online, but now you can explore their unique offerings in person at their first retail space in Culdesac.

Explore Our Retail Community

These are just a few highlights of what Culdesac has to offer. From plant and ceramic shops to eco-friendly home goods and beauty services, there's something for everyone here. Explore our diverse retail community and uncover hidden gems around every corner!

Check out our complete list of retailers and plan your visit today!

Gathering Spaces

Alongside our retail, we’ve built courtyards and public seating areas for people to enjoy quality time in the neighborhood, get some work done, or stick around after some shopping. These gathering places ensure there are ample spaces for relaxation, socialization, and community building.

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Resident Courtyards 

Our apartments are all built around community courtyards with electric fire pits, grills, and seating. They are a perfect place to hangout with friends and family, get some work done, or simply relax. 

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Public Seating 

There are many places to sit and relax throughout the neighborhood including in our main plaza, outside Cocina Chiwas, and along our micro-retailers.

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Resident Lounge 

The resident lounge is a communal space for residents to work, hold events like game nights, and connect in a comfortable environment.


Shade is an integral part of our design, allowing our community to thrive even in the Arizona heat. Our shade structures, greenery, building orientation, and use of light paint colors create spaces within our neighborhood that are, at times, 30 degrees cooler than places in the sun.

Building Orientation

Our buildings are oriented to block the sun at the hottest parts of the day and channel natural breezes through our walkways and courtyards, creating cooler spaces for people to gather.

Shade Structures

We have several shade structures on site, including an art installation by Art Manager Matthew Salenger from CoLab Studios. There are also retractable shade canopies that are perfect for the summer and winter months.

Green spaces 

The shade provided by our trees and green spaces not only enhance the beauty of our neighborhood but also help reduce the heat absorbed by buildings and pavement, creating a cooler and more comfortable space for our residents and visitors.

Experiencing Culdesac 

Designing for people instead of cars has made Culdesac more than just a physical location but an experience that has to be felt in person. Whether you’re coming by for the restaurant and shops, hanging out with friends in one of our shared spaces, or just looking for a shady spot to read your favorite book, we’ve got a place for you. We’ll be excited to welcome you for a tour so you can discover how our intentional design creates the unique Culdesac experience!