Cruising towards a brighter future

Bicycles, especially e-bikes, aren’t just a recreational tool, but play a critical role in shaping a new path forward for U.S. cities. With an increasing demand for people-centered housing and the negative social and environmental impacts of car dependency, it's clear that the U.S. can’t continue developing as it has for the past 75 years. Changing existing infrastructure, zoning laws, and public transit networks takes time and a lot of resources, but there’s a solution that can speed up the process: e-bikes.

E-bikes extend access

E-bikes extend riders' reach far beyond walking distance, allowing them to explore shops, restaurants, and green spaces they might not have considered before. Riders can access 40x the area in a 5-minute e-bike ride than they can in a 5-minute walk. But the benefits go even further. Cycling, with or without electric assist, is a fantastic way to get some fresh air and enjoy a low-impact workout.

E-bikes offer freedom from car dependency

E-bikes make it possible to live without a car in places it used to be impossible to do so. Increased bike ridership can even lead to reduced parking needs for new developments along reliable transit lines, freeing up valuable space for pedestrian-friendly areas. At Culdesac, we were allowed to build zero residential parking by offering our residents mobility benefits that encourage them to use e-bikes, public transit, and ride-hailing.

E-bikes are a powerful driver for change

While cycling isn't universally accessible, it can be a powerful driver for creating more livable cities for everyone. More riders encourage investment in public transit and people-centered development, and reliable public transit makes our cities' more accessible. This, in turn, leads to less traffic congestion, cleaner air, and stronger communities.

Have you taken a ride yet?

The road to a more livable future starts with a bike ride. E-bikes offer a practical and enjoyable way to break free from car dependency and build the people-centered cities we all deserve. So, grab your bike and some friends, and go explore your city!