Braxton grew up in Oro Valley after she moved there at the age of seven. After attending Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University, Braxton joined the Yelp team as an intern.

She is now entering her sixth year at the company and currently works as a Team Manager, leading a team of Account Managers who help small business owners run their advertising campaigns with Yelp.

Braxton enjoys spending time in nature. She especially loves walking and biking along the cross cut canal.

Braxton looks back at her nine months spent living in Italy as life changing. Her time in Italy in 2015 changed her whole outlook on the joy of walking and biking, as she confessed that she didn't fully appreciate this way of life until she was living in a place where she didn't have access to a car.  

She reminisced about al fresco dining in Italy - she would cook dinner with the others in her hostel every night and sit on the patio which looked out at the mountains and sea. Braxton is ready to have similar experiences at Culdesac in the neighborhood spaces that are created and designed with the intention of building relationships and creating community.

Braxton believes that community is ultimately what everyone is seeking; a deep sense of connection where you feel seen and understood by other people. In an ideal world, she says, "that's what your community becomes for you."

She and her pup Rico will be relocating to Tempe from Scottsdale in 2022!