Gloria (left) is a software engineer who focuses on creating an inclusive culture in technology companies. She connects marginalized groups with corporate brands through mentor matching, knowledge sharing, and employment opportunities. Robert (right), formerly had a career in operations, and now enjoys time homeschooling his two boys.

The Kimbwalas are coming to Culdesac by way of the Netherlands, where they enjoyed living in a community that was designed for people. Robert has fond memories of the many times he let Bentley, who was nine-years-old at the time, go to the store or park by himself, and the trust he had in his surrounding community.

For the Kimbwalas, hopping on their bikes or just going for a walk changes the mood of their family for the whole day.

Gloria is exhilarated by Tempe's tech ecosystem and Robert is happy that their family has relocated to Arizona to get a better sense of the area.

Gloria and Robert said that they want to be an "open door" family at Culdesac, wanting their neighbors to always feel welcome to pop over and say hi.

They anticipate creating "easy little reasons to get together" with their neighbors, as Robert said.

They look forward to watching their kids play and chalk up the sidewalks, make s'mores, listen to music as a family around the fire pits, and invite their neighbors over for potlucks.

Count us in for a potluck, Kimbwala family!