Bridging the gym and residential units

Residential units above the Market will have direct access to the mezzanine, the second floor of the gym. This open-air bridge will connect residents to group fitness classes and the fully equipped gym.

The gym’s mezzanine is set

Concrete for the 2nd floor of The Gym is set. This mezzanine will hold group exercise classes.

Framing units in the first residential-only pod is underway

The first residential-only pod has 9 buildings in progress. Each building is in a different stage of the construction process. Two of the nine buildings are completely framed and have windows installed.

The next step for these units is installing utilities like electricity and air conditioning.

Exterior shell of Cocina Chiwas completed

The final touches for the exterior of Cocina Chiwas were finished this month: detailing, setting the windows, and touching up the paint.

Site work begins for PUDOs

Rideshare pick-up-drop-off spots (PUDOs) around Culdesac Tempe are underway. We’ve designed Culdesac Tempe so that PUDOs are less than a one minute walk from the nearest residential building.