Going car-free is about more than giving up your private vehicle. It's about having access to an ecosystem of alternative transportation options. It's about living in a neighborhood where these options are seamlessly woven into the community. And it's about getting around in a way that's affordable, convenient, and just fun.

That's why we're so excited to help our residents achieve mobility freedom by offering best-in-class options through partnerships with leading national mobility companies: Lyft, Bird, and Envoy, as well as Valley Metro Rail, the local transit agency. Through these initial partnerships, Culdesac Tempe will be the first real estate developer to offer its residents a comprehensive mobility package along with their home, worth nearly $3,000/year in value.

Ryan Johnson, Culdesac CEO, "Whether residents want to visit an on-site store, explore Tempe or take a longer trip, they’ll have a comprehensive menu of options at their fingertips. Getting around has never been easier."


Need to head out for a night on the town? By design, rideshare will be as reliable and accessible as ever at Culdesac Tempe. All residents will receive 15% off all Lyft rides. Pick-up/drop-off locations will never be more than a 30 second walk away from residents' front doors. These locations will also be integrated around the community, as well as on the Lyft app, ensuring convenient rideshare access. This means that Lyft drivers will know exactly where to pick residents up.


At Culdesac Tempe, a resident steps out their front door to pick up a fresh salad from the corner market and finds a Bird scooter less than a thirty-second walk from their doorstep. These scooters are parked around the site, and integrated into the broader neighborhood through slow zones and dedicated parking. Dashing out for a quick errand has never been easier. Even better – residents get 15% off all Bird scooter rides.

Light Rail

A group of friends going to Downtown Phoenix for a birthday dinner grabs their Valley Metro Platinum Passes to hop right on the light rail. Culdesac residents will receive complimentary Platinum Passes to enjoy unlimited free light rail, streetcar, and bus rides, allowing them to explore Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, and more.


Some excursions may require renting a car for the hour or the day, such as a Target run or a weekend trip to Sedona. Residents can find on-site electric rental cars through Envoy. With hourly rates as low as $5/hour, it's easy for residents to book a car when they need it.

At Culdesac, we believe that living car-free should mean more options, not fewer. That's why we're continuing to combine creative neighborhood design with mobility partnerships in order to offer residents a comprehensive suite of modern transportation technology.

Culdesac Tempe is designed to be the best place to live car-free in the U.S.