Residential framing underway

Framing of our first residential-only pod is underway. The first two buildings in this pod are almost fully framed. This pod will contain over 40 residential units distributed among 9 buildings.

Concrete Slab set for the next 3 residential buildings

The concrete slabs for the next three residential buildings in the first pod are set. These will be the foundation for 14 apartments distributed between 3 buildings. The yellow wrap serves as protective waterproofing barrier for humidity coming from the ground.

Cocina Chiwas’ Glass

Glass panels for the store front of Cocina Chiwas were installed.  These will connect the outdoor patio to the indoor dining and open concept kitchen.

Installing utilities in the residential units above The Market

We continue installation work for The Market’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. These systems will provide air conditioning, electricity and water to the residential units on top of our grocery store.

The Gym’s Walls

We have a very tall gym! The masonry walls for our two-story gym have been completed.