Cocina Chiwas Steel Roof and planters

We’ve begun installing the steel exterior of Cocina Chiwas. The outdoor patio of the restaurant will be lined by landscaped planters.

The Hub's concrete columns rise

We began pouring concrete for The Hub’s columns. These columns will support the coworking space, coffee shop, and bike shop that sit beneath the residential units.

The Market third floor framing

We’ve started framing the 3rd floor of The Market. This will be the second floor of residential units in this building. The views from the North-facing balconies will overlook Culdesac Tempe’s main paseo and Cocina Chiwas.

Walls for The Gym rise

The masonry walls of The Gym are rising. These walls will enclose the space for cardio and strength equipment on the first floor, and support the mezzanine for group classes on the second floor.

Concrete Slab for Culdesac Tempe’s first two residential buildings

The concrete slabs for Culdesac Tempe’s first two residential-only buildings are set. These will be part of the next set of units we lease.