The Hub’s Podium Deck

The Hub’s 700 cubic yard concrete podium was poured this month, a major milestone for the building because it allowed progress to continue on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Between the two floors above this concrete slab, there will be a total of 27 residential units consisting of studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom units.

Cocina Chiwas Interior Slab

We installed the underground electrical and plumbing components that run underneath the slab. These utilities will connect to fixtures like sinks and lighting.

The concrete slab will serve as the base for the kitchen appliances and dining furniture (tables, chairs, fridges, stoves, etc.) that will be installed after the finishing product is applied on top of the concrete as its final layer.

The Market’s Stucco

The Market's first floor will be covered in red brick façade and have a rustic-industrial feel from the ground level. The top two floors of The Market, consisting of residential units, will be covered in white stucco and have Mykonos-in–the-desert feel.

F1-1 Front Facade Install

As framing improvements wrap up on two of the residential buildings, construction will move toward interior and exterior finishes. Installing the front facade is the next step for our first residential building.

Deck and Stair Waterproofing

We are pouring gypcrete on the exterior decks, stairs, and porches of the residential buildings. Gypcrete is a lightweight alternative to concrete that provides a fire-rated sublayer to finished flooring. This layer of gypcrete finish will also act as waterproofing and create the planned grading for these areas.

Hanging Drywall in Residential Units

The first step of interior finishing, drywall installation, for the residential units is underway.  Drywall will provide a base for the final finishes, including fixture hanging, furnishing additions, and appliance installation.