Second level residential framing at The Market complete

The second floor of The Market is fully framed. Check out those balconies!

Concrete pour for The Hub

We’ve begun pouring concrete for The Hub's footings. The Hub will have a coworking space, coffee shop, and bike shop.

Cocina Chiwas' Stucco

This decorative sand finish coating keeps Cocina Chiwas weather protected. We’re using a 2-coat solution. We layer a rough coat of stucco over chicken wire, then finish it with a clean layer of stucco that can be painted. Frank Gonzalez, a local artist, will paint a mural on the west corner of Cocina Chiwas!

Excavation for pods F1 & F2 Sanitary Sewer

We started laying out the sanitary sewer system for our first and second residential blocks of apartments.

Cocina Chiwas Waterproofing & Insulation

Cocina Chiwas is now weather protected. The yellow membrane protects the structural framing from moisture and water damage. The "padding" on the inside walls helps insulate the building, ensuring optimal temperatures year round - preventing heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer.

Concrete pour for The Market's Podium slab

We poured 340 cubic yards of concrete for The Market's second floor podium slab. 40 trucks were required and the slab weights approximately 1.5 million pounds. This slab will be the base for the residential units on top of The Market.