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September 2021

Roof sheathing install

We're beginning to enclose Cocina Chiwas. We've laid wood sheathing against our roof trusses and joists to weather-protect them and prepare for our decorative metal roof panels. These sheaths are simple processed-timber panels that we secure to the wood frame trusses and joists.

Cocina Chiwas weather protected

With exterior sheathing and masonry finished, Cocina Chiwas looks like a restaurant ready to serve some delicious Sonoran food! It's weather-protected and ready for roofing.

Foundation work for The Market

We've also started the foundation for The Market, with our grocery store and 16 apartments. The trenches are for our concrete slabs that form the strong basis of the building.

August 2021  

Light Rail Mobility

When we say we're on the light rail, we mean it. The Cocina Chiwas frame is a 1 minute walk from the light rail stop.

Concrete grease trap install

Today, we placed a 21,000 pound underground concrete grease trap. All the excess grease from Cocina Chiwas will collect in this trap so they don't cause blockages in the new wastewater line we installed. This also eases the treatment of wastewater for future repurposing.

Wood frame roof trussers install

Our first wood frame roof trusses are on Cocina Chiwas. They compose the core of the roof. All the mechanical equipment that will supply fresh cold air and remove exhaust from the kitchen ovens will lay on top of these trusses, as will our natural metal roof panels.

July 2021

Excavation for wastewater line

The installation of a new main wastewater line is underway! We're relocating this publicly-owned pipe so we can curve our Main Promenade from the center of the site to the northwest corner. This allows us to connect our walkable promenade to the retail and restaurant hub by the light rail station.

Steel column install

The walls for Cocina Chiwas are rising. You can see the frame of the first steel columns going into the foundation of the building. The rest of the building will be built on these structural columns.

Laying masonry at Cocina Chiwas

We started laying the masonry blocks of Cocina Chiwas today. These durable blocks will give our restaurant a natural feel. You'll notice we're laying two types: a rugged grey block and a speckled yellow-brown block. Variety is the spice of life!

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